Alberta bound

18 Aug

It’s a pride that’s been passed down to me / Deep as coal mines, wide as farmer’s fields / I’ve got independence in my veins / Maybe it’s my down-home redneck roots / Or these dusty old Alberta boots / But like a Chinook wind keeps comin’ back again /  I’m Alberta Bound / This piece of heaven that I’ve found / Rocky Mountains and black fertile ground / Everything I need beneath that big blue sky / Doesn’t matter where I go / This place will always be my home / Yeah, I’ve been Alberta Bound for all my life / And I’ll be Alberta Bound until I die    

 Paul Brant, Alberta Bound  

I sat by the window, my favourite spot, and watched the sun set all the way from Toronto to Calgary. For a moment I was back in 2006, when I left the same airport for my new home in Edmonton. Once again, I was hopeful, but there was a heaviness in my stomach from leaving my family behind.  

Four years later, and the magnitude of being 3,000 kilometres away from the people who tease me about my lacking sense of direction, who remember the traumatic Christmas when Dad chased me around the house with a pair of scissors and cut off my waist-length hair, and who have developed many of their own “inside jokes” without me, has finally hit me. I was touched when Kiki announced she wanted to take B and I to breakfast to spend more time with us, even more so when my brother told us to stop by his house on the way to meet Kitty for sushi. At Christmas, all four of us gathered around the coffee table my grandpa built for my brother and his wife and played games with our significant others in tow. It was a magical moment, a time of togetherness and camaraderie which didn’t need a parental referee. This is the start of a beautiful friendship. The “Great Sibling Tour of 2010” across southern Ontario only further cemented this memory in my cerebral cortex.  

I have no intention of moving back. I have a love for Alberta that I’ve never felt for any other town or city in which I’ve lived. The great big blue sky, long summer nights, Edmonton’s river valley, and the mountains (which still make me squeal with glee), these Alberta elements feel like home almost as much as my family. My sisters and I listened to “Alberta Bound” on repeat during the week between when I found out I was leaving and when I hopped on that airplane. Every time I hear that song still, I feel it in my insides.  

 a few weeks after moving into my sweet downtown Edmonton digs


One Response to “Alberta bound”

  1. Roshan September 1, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    I’m glad that you enjoy where you are. Alberta seems like such a beautiful & open place to live in.

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