6 Sep

Brad and I outside of the T.Rex Discovery Centre in Eastend, Saskatchewan.

Summer brings warm weather and farmers’ markets, but it also brought boxes, moving, weddings and other parties, and visits with family friends. While these things are enjoyable on their own, they add up to a stressful whirlwind of events and adventures. They mean missing nearly all of the football games we have season tickets for (we haven’t been to a game together this summer, yet). They bring stress over hinges that haven’t been made since the 1960s, a refrigerator missing (expensive) parts, and a dryer that literally tears clothes apart.

When life is constantly throwing expensive balls in the air for you to juggle and determine which ones to focus on and which ones to let fall, it’s hard to focus on the good. It was nice to take a weekend, even one with 14 hours worth of driving involved, to spend time together without the hectic demands of summer. We watched/listened to a lot of football, caught up on podcasts, picked blueberries by the side of the road, played cards, and visited a dinosaur museum with a disappointing lack of tyrannosaurus rexes on display. The weather this week is expected to be more reminiscent of summer than anything we’ve experienced thus far but, quite frankly, I’m ready for fall.


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