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12 Jan

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The holidays came and went, and I reflected on the past year and the year to come. I’ve been organizing my thoughts in my day planner, especially those that revolve around vacation.

As always, 2010 came and went like a breeze – while it took some getting used to at first, after a while I just closed my eyes and reveled in what was swirling past me. This coming year brings graduation, a vacation to Seattle and Victoria, the wedding of one of my oldest friends, B’s thirtieth birthday, football dates, trips to see my family, and visits from people I adore. It brings big plans, surprises, and planned surprises.

While I scoff at the idea of resolutions every year, I realized that not writing them down didn’t make my goals for 2011 any less there. This year, I vow to read more books for fun, take more pictures (especially when I’m not on vacation), be good to myself, spend time with those people who make me happy, and only buy things that make me do a small dance.